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You did not get married to get divorced, you got married to spend and share your life with each other. Whether you are legally married, or in a meaningful couples relationship, marriage counseling services from Emanuel Shapiro, Ph.D. in Paramus, NJ will help you deal with the mis-communications that are driving you away from your significant other and show you how to find your way back to the warmth, humor, and love that brought you together in the first place.

I am an experienced couples therapist dedicated to helping you and your spouse find common ground and revive the positive elements of your relationship. I encourage both spouses to view their relationship interactions from the other’s point of view and help explore issues that are interfering with the relationship, including:

• Resentment—If you, or your spouse, are holding on to resentment from past incidents, it can damage your present relationship. My couples counseling services will help you understand those resentments and find closure, so that you can move into the future without holding on to those past resentments.

• Mistrust—Mistrust—When you do not trust each other, it is impossible to feel warmth and understanding in your present relationship. Marriage counseling services can help you put those incidents in the past and rebuild the trust of your relationship.

• Disappointment—If you are disappointed with your marriage or couples relationship, it is probably because your partner is not living up to your ideals. Marriage counseling can help you understand yourself, reset your expectations, and focus on the positive qualities your partner brings to the relationship.

Even if your partner is not open to attending couples counseling sessions, I will help you gain insights into your feelings and those of your spouse, and find ways to heal your relationship. Divorce or break-up should not be your first option. Exploring your relationship in counseling should be the first step. Contact Emanuel Shapiro, Ph.D. in Bergen County, NJ and together we can work it out.

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